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Protein & Greens™ - Vanilla Bean

Protein & Greens™ - Vanilla Bean

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  • Canadian grown hemp protein
  • Adding protein & greens to your day has never been easier with LEANFIT PLANT-BASED PROTEIN & GREENS™ 20g plant-based protein: optimised blend of pea, rice and hemp protein for a complete amino acid profile
  • Supports immunity: nutritional benefits from real kale, broccoli, spinach and alfalfa
  • Excellent source of iron: the equivalent of 6 cups of raw spinach 0g of sugar with natural flavours
  • Fun fact: we use Canadian grown hemp protein that is manufactured in our very own facility in Alberta!


  • Pea protein, Hemp protein, Spinach powder, Broccoli powder, Alfalfa powder, Kale leaf powder, Rice protein, Natural flavours, Stevia extract, Xanthan gum


  • Add a scoop of LEANFIT PLANT-BASED PROTEIN & GREENS™ with 250ml of your favourite beverage. Shake it and enjoy anytime of the day.